Introduction to Passion Drivers

27 08 2009

I started this blog because of a wonderful blog post from Danny Brown called Passion Drivers that focused on a person named Shannon Boudjema that lives her passion! In the post, Danny mentions, “Businesses need people like Shannon. There are so many that are just doing the rounds and crunching the numbers that they miss out on the real bigger picture – passion and drive.”

Much like Danny, I enjoy being around people who are passionate about what they believe in. Myself, I am very passionate about using social media tools to connect, interact, and learn from each of you! My blood gets pumping when I can reach out to someone and help provide information that benefits them in some way. Many times, I am blessed from the helping hand I give to someone. It is in my DNA to provide support and be a friend to so many.

So, my idea is to shine the spotlight on others who have a passion or two that they wish to share. My goal is to interview those who are interested in sharing and post the interview questions and answers here on this blog. I want to find those who have that drive and passion in what they do and allow them to tell their story to you. Who knows, maybe someone will learn about a deep passion that someone shares on here and reach out to connect with them. This blog will be about each of YOU!

Here is where I need your help. I have a few questions in mind that I would like to ask each person, but I would like to know what would you ask someone if you wanted to know what makes them tick and gives them drive and passion for what they love?




2 responses

27 08 2009
Amy Kiel

I think this blog is going to one that people will really enjoy revisiting and I love the idea and purpose behind it! It just goes to show how selfless you are.
I look forward to watching how this blog develops and to meeting the people you highlight and their passions!

22 09 2009

Great blog idea! It’s fits you well 🙂

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