Follow-up to Amy Kiel interview

28 10 2009

A few weeks ago, we posted the first Passion Drivers interview that focused on Amy Kiel and her passion for raising awareness in regards to the need for suicide prevention efforts and supporting the efforts that are already in place for this important issue. Amy shared that she wants others to know that it is okay to talk about this issue…that they don’t have to hide any secrets or live in shame or fear.


Amy also recently participated in the Kansas City Out of the Darkness Community Walk on Saturday October 17th. Amy was a speaker at the event. You can read the text of the speech she gave at the event on her blog.


Amy has a fundraising page set up where people who wish to contribute to the cause she believes in can do so by visiting She has a goal of $250 and is sitting at $150 right now. Donations are accepted through December 31, 2009, so there is still time to help her reach the goal.

If you wish to follow Amy and her continued work on advocating for mental health issues, vist her blogs at: and On Twitter, you can find her at:





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