Passion Drivers Interview with Renee Kloeblen

28 10 2009

Our 2nd Passion Drivers interview is with Renee Kloeblen. Renee is someone I got to know via Twitter first and then later in real life I had the chance to meet her (at all places it was at the Shatto Milk Company where a #shattotweetup was held recently). Renee is someone I would consider a friend and you can find her often on Twitter tweeting away about life in general and having fun interacting with others.


In this interview, she shares about her love and joy in making specialty cakes for people who Love fun cakes.

1) Tell us about yourself:

My name is Renee Kloeblen, a mom of two hilarious kids, wife to Kurt. We live in an older suburb in Shawnee, KS. In my past life of 2 short months ago, I was a kindergarten teacher, but in lieu of my long experience as a teacher, I want more. More time with my own kids, more time to myself, more time to learn, more time to love, give, and more time to create. So I quit or resigned cause I’m not a person who gives up. I’m currently staying at home and finding myself.

2) What is one thing that you are truly passionate about?

One thing 🙂 you’ll have to get in an in depth conversation with me and you will soon find I’m passionate about everything. But for you Mark, its CAKES! Chocolate cakes, white cakes, cupcakes, fancy cakes, crazy cakes, and fun cakes! I mean, who can not be passionate about cakes, honestly? Right now my love and joy is making specialty cakes for people who LOVE good and fun cakes. Stretching my artistic talent and learning everyday how to create cakey goodness.


Classic Orignal Garden Rose Design By Renee

3) What encouraged you to follow this passion?

Well, actually Twitter. Friends from twitter, and friends. The immense joy I felt when they were in love with the cake that was mirrored by the love I put into it.

4) What do you want others to know about your passion?

Find what makes your heart sing. I could do anything if I could feel that same intense feelings of joy and wow I receive from making someone a confectionery good just for them.

5) Anything else you would like to share?

My blog. Thank you Mark for helping me with starting it and encouraging me. Check it out here: And to Hollie @queentuffy who has gave me cake self esteem and help to make this passion continue and becoming “cake empire” as she would say! Also – make joy special for people whether its words, giving or cake. Personal thought, touch, and love is what I put into all my cakes. 🙂


Girly Godzilla Cake for @queentuffy by Renee

I encourage everyone to check out Renee’s blog: Cakey Goodness where she shares more pictures of her specialty cakes she has created. She has a unique talent for cake decoration that is one of a kind.

Until next time.





3 responses

28 10 2009

renee’s cakes are truly phenomenal! some cakes with fondant don’t taste good, but renee’s cakes are creative and totally delish. it takes a creative mind to come up her designs, which are far-out fun, whimsical, and most definitely all her own. really and super impressed with a rising cake star!

28 10 2009
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12 11 2009
Kendell Warner

Those cakes are awesome! Thanks for the interview Renee.

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