Meet Hildy Ann McElvain – A Passion Driver

30 11 2009

Our next Passion Drivers interview is with Hildy Ann McElvain. I met her via a Networking Breakfast Club meeting I attended at First Watch in Shawnee about a month ago. Brody Dorland (@brodydorland) was there to speak about social media. I got to talking with Hildy about what she does and she shared a little about her passions. She agreed to be featured as a passion driver sharing the passions she loves to share with others. Read her interview below.

1)      Tell us about yourself.

First and foremost, I’m a mom.  Everyone can relate to that, whether they are one or have one.  It’s the desire to nurture and be there for my kids that keeps me plugging away.  Let’s face it, if you didn’t have people to take care of, maybe you’d be a bit lazier?  All my “babies” will all soon be in college and it just gets more fun to have meaningful conversations.  I’m starting to see if what I put in their heads stick.

The reality is, you need to make money to keep the family going.  Over the years, I’ve added to my “offerings” because I’ve seen immense benefits. I enjoy meeting and sharing information with others.  If I can help someone, life is good.

2) What is one thing that you are truly passionate about?

I got on my “health kick” in 2002.  I heard a gal explain the difference between an isolated vitamin and whole-food nutrition. It made perfect sense to me so I started taking Juice Plus.  About four months later, my dad had a five-way heart bypass.  It scared me, big time.  My dad is my mentor and my role model for healthy living.  His condition became my wake-up call to get smarter about nutrition.  Juice Plus offered great training and great information.  I began to share my new-found knowledge with others.  I soon learned that many people didn’t want to listen.  You’d think someone wouldn’t want to get sick and especially wouldn’t want their kids to be sick??? People are often set in their ways and don’t like to be told what they should or shouldn’t be doing.  I’ve tried to not let that bother me, say “next” and find others who want to learn.

In May of 2008, I was introduced to Kangen Water.  It’s water that’s produced by a small machine, 35-year old technology from Japan.  Long story short, the water helps to raise your body’s Ph, hydrates, and pulls toxins from the body.  Amazingly, even people with stage-four cancers are reversing their disease.  I  wanted to be sure my family was drinking the healthiest water possible; we bought a machine.  How can you keep these benefits a secret?  I added Kangen Water to my “tell about this” list.

I don’t like taking prescription drugs.  I think it makes much more sense to get to the cause of a health problem than to masque the systems.  I do this with supplements that are natural, no preservatives.  Nature’s Sunshine is my resource.  And to find out exactly which supplements to take, you can get scanned by a high-tech instrument.  I have one and am happy to scan others.

Remember I said I enjoyed helping people?  On top of sharing health-related advice, I LOVE using and promoting Send Out Cards?  Why?  It’s a total joy to create a special greeting and then have the recipient call you back, all happy.  And when people figure out that they can do this for their own family, friends and customers, it’s a win-win.  Send Out Cards is a web-based greeting card service whereby you log into your account 24/7 and have fun making a card.  By clicking “send,” the company prints it, stuffs it and stamps it.  So easy, convenient and way less money than how we used to buy a card.  I send tons more than I used to or ever thought I would and it’s all good.  I’m acting on my promptings to tell someone that I appreciate them. It makes their day.

3) What encouraged you to follow this passion?

Like I mentioned, my dad is my mentor.  He’s now 85 and in pretty darn great shape.  He bikes, plays tennis, golf and is always stretching his mind to learn something and then share it.  He and my mom are fun-loving and the reason for my positive nature.  They continue to encourage me and my family to make the best out of life.  I will be forever grateful for their teachings.  I LOVE that I’ve been able to be a huge influence on their health with the products I feel are so very important.  That has been a blessing, big time.  I want them around for many, many more years so they can be a special part in future graduations, wedding, births and all else.

4) What do you want others to know about your passion?

Enjoy the heck out of whatever you do.  As a kid, I think we followed the dreams of others.  As older adults, hopefully we get smarter and realize there’s stuff we enjoy.  It’s lots more fun to spend time on that.

Even though I continue to hit brick walls with people who still guzzle soda and choose not to learn why they shouldn’t, I know that I will eventually come across someone who wants to learn.  When that happens, it’s such a thrill.  To be able to impact someone’s life in a positive way – be it with their health or their ability to send cool cards – it’s very rewarding.

So, my advice: find what’s worth your time, keep on learning, stay positive and enjoy the ride.

5) Anything else you would like to share?

I’m trying to come up with a website that will house all my interests.  I’m thinking that if I put it out there, surely, people will come to me???  Am I dreaming?  It’s a challenge to constantly network, to be everywhere to share my messages.  It would be efficient and far less stressful to have INTERESTED people contact me versus me running into roadblocks.  I could use ideas for a website domain and thoughts about how to get floods of people to it.

Learn more about Send Out Cards at this link:

Learn more about Juice Plus and Kangen Water at these links:




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1 12 2009
Brody Dorland

Thanks for the mention Mark! Keep up the good work…

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